Gemnoble Contact Info

You can also contact Gemnoble at our shop in Chanthaburi, “Gem Capital of the World”.

If you would like to visit our shop to view gems, please contact us for an appointment first.

Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Address :
99/109 M.8 T.Thachang Chanthaburi Thailand 22000

Phone / Whatsapp  : +66985919558

Wechat ID : gemnoble 

Facebook Page : Gemnoble

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Are your gemstones treated?

Every sales listing states what treatment has been applied to the gemstone. We only allow heat-treated, irradiated, oiled and some stages resined (emerald) gemstones. NB! No diffused or composite gemstones are sold on my website.

Are your gemstones natural?

Yes, every gemstone that is for sale on the website is 100% natural and mined ethically. Only common treatments are allowed as stated in each listing.

What if the gemstone is not as described on the listings?

I will take full responsibility for what is being sold on the website. If the gem is sent to a third-party laboratory and the rest results come out different than sold, I will refund the full price of the gemstone, including the costs of the certificate and postage.

Can you source particular gemstones?

Yes. Please send your enquiries to my mailbox