The 68th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 6 - 10 SEPT 2023

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Our Exclusive Gemstone

     Paraiba Tourmaline is an exclusive neon blue to blue-green colored gem variety of the Tourmaline family. It is the only tourmaline that owes its extraordinary vivid hue and intense glow from the copper element. This gemstone was discovered in the 1980s in the Paraiba Hills of Brazil and got immensely popular in lesser time because of its unmatchable beauty and high rarity. This gemstone is always appreciated by the jewelry lovers and gem collectors.



Paraiba Tourmaline (5)

Rubellite Tourmaline


About us

I have experience Working as a gemstone broker for more than ten years in Bangkok, most of the gems I sell are Paraiba Tourmaline. and it is my main business That my family has been doing since 2005 and now I'm ready to sell online. If you like Paraiba Tourmaline , I Highly recommand follow my store so I can offer you news, new products and promotions.

We aim to be a good seller,We aim to make our customers satisfied,We aim to provide good products to sell to customers,We are sell natural gem only, No Synthetic.

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